Types of Tillage Implements

Types of Tillage Implements in Agriculture


Tillage is a fundamental agricultural practice involving the preparation and management of soil for crop production. Tillage implements play a crucial role in this process, facilitating soil manipulation, seedbed preparation, weed control, and residue management. In this blog, we’ll delve into the various tillage implements used in modern agriculture, exploring their types and applications.

Different Types of Tillage Tools

An effective farming tool for tilling the ground is a farm tillage machine. With advancements in agriculture machinery and technology, tillage tools have undergone significant improvements to enhance efficiency and sustainability. Tillage tools are primarily divided into two categories based on their requirements:

Primary Tillage Equipments:

Moldboard Plow

The moldboard plow is one of the oldest and most traditional tillage implements, dating back centuries. It consists of a curved metal blade, known as the moldboard, which cuts, lifts, and turns over the soil. Moldboard plows are effective for burying crop residues, breaking up compacted soil layers, and controlling weeds. However, they can also lead to soil erosion and loss of organic matter if used improperly.

Disc Plough

Mounted Disc Plough

Disc plough feature a series of concave metal discs mounted on a common shaft. These discs slice through the soil, chopping and turning it over as the implement is pulled forward. Disc ploughs are suitable for primary tillage in areas with heavy residue cover or tough soil conditions. They provide good soil penetration and mixing while minimizing soil disturbance compared to moldboard ploughs.

Chisel Plough

Chisel Plough

The Chisel plough consists of multiple chisel-shaped shanks mounted on a frame, each equipped with a replaceable point. Chisel plough penetrates the soil vertically, fracturing compacted layers and loosening the soil without completely inverting it. This minimal soil disturbance helps preserve soil structure, reduce erosion, and retain moisture. Chisel plough are commonly used for deep tillage and residue management in conservation tillage systems.



Subsoilers are specialized tillage implements designed to break up compacted soil layers below the plow layer without inverting the soil. They feature a single, deeply penetrating shank or tine that fractures the soil, improving water infiltration, root penetration, and nutrient uptake. Subsoilers are particularly useful for alleviating soil compaction in heavy clay soils and enhancing soil aeration and drainage.

Rotary Tiller

Rotary Tiller

Rotary tillers, also known as rotavators or rotary hoes, feature rotating blades or tines mounted on a horizontal shaft. As the implement is pulled or powered forward, the blades break up and pulverize the soil, creating a fine seedbed for planting. Rotary tillers are versatile and efficient for seedbed preparation in vegetable gardens, nurseries, and small-scale farming operations. However, they may not be suitable for heavy residue management or deep tillage.

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Secondary Tillage Equipments:

Disc Harrow

Mounted Disc Plough


Disc harrows are versatile implements with a series of concave metal discs mounted on a horizontal shaft. These discs are angled to slice through soil and crop residue efficiently. They excel at breaking up clods, incorporating crop residue into the soil, and creating a smooth seedbed. Disc harrows come in various configurations, including tandem disc harrows with multiple rows of discs and offset disc harrows for increased maneuverability around obstacles.

Field Cultivator

Field Cultivator

Field cultivators are versatile implements designed to prepare the soil for planting. They feature multiple shanks or teeth arranged along a toolbar or frame. These shanks penetrate the soil, breaking up compacted layers and improving soil aeration. Field cultivators also incorporate crop residue, control weeds, and level the soil surface. They are often used in row crop production and conservation tillage systems.

Tandem Disc Harrow



Tandem disc harrows are heavy-duty implements consisting of two or more rows of concave metal discs mounted in tandem on a horizontal shaft. These discs are spaced closely to ensure thorough soil penetration and effective residue management. Tandem disc harrows excel at breaking up compacted soil, chopping and incorporating crop residue, and creating a smooth, level seedbed. They are commonly used in large-scale agriculture for primary and secondary tillage operations, including seedbed preparation, weed control, and residue management.

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Power Harrow

Power Harrow

Power harrows consist of multiple sets of rotating tines mounted on a horizontal shaft within a metal frame. These tines aggressively work the soil, breaking up clods, leveling the surface, and incorporating residues. Power harrows are commonly used for seedbed preparation in row crops, vineyards, and orchards. They provide excellent soil tilth and surface finish while minimizing soil compaction.

Drag Harrow

Drag Harrow

Drag harrows are simple implements consisting of a frame with flexible tines or chains dragged behind a tractor or ATV. These harrows are highly versatile, and capable of smoothing soil surfaces, breaking up clods, and incorporating crop residue. Drag harrows are often used for seedbed preparation, pasture renovation, and grooming horse arenas. They are available in various sizes and configurations to suit different applications and soil types.

Applications of Tillage Equipment

Tillage equipment serves various purposes in agriculture, addressing specific soil management needs and supporting crop production. Here are additional applications of tillage implements:

  • Soil Aeration: Tillage implements such as chisel ploughs and subsoilers are used to alleviate soil compaction and improve soil aeration. Compacted soils restrict root growth and water infiltration, leading to reduced crop yields.
  • Residue Management: Modern tillage implements are equipped to manage crop residues effectively. Moldboard ploughs bury residues beneath the soil surface, helping to decompose organic matter and reduce weed pressure.
  • Weed Control: Tillage equipment plays a crucial role in weed management by disturbing weed seedlings, uprooting established weeds, and burying weed seeds. Cultivators and harrows are particularly effective at controlling weeds in row crops by disrupting their growth and preventing seed germination. 
  • Seedbed Preparation: One of the primary functions of tillage equipment is seedbed preparation. Implements such as rotary tillers, power harrows, and disc harrows create a favorable seedbed by breaking up clods, leveling the soil surface, and incorporating organic matter. 
  • Water Management: Certain tillage practices can help improve water management in agricultural fields. Tillage implements that promote soil aggregation and infiltration, such as chisel ploughs and subsoilers, enhance the soil’s ability to absorb and retain moisture. 
  • Preparation for Conservation Practices: Tillage equipment is often used in conjunction with conservation practices to minimize soil erosion and improve soil health. Implements like chisel ploughs and vertical tillage tools prepare the soil for conservation practices such as cover cropping, contour farming, and strip tillage.
  • Incorporation of Amendments: Tillage implements are utilized to incorporate organic amendments, fertilizers, and lime into the soil, improving soil fertility and pH levels. Implements such as disc and power harrows effectively mix soil amendments with the soil profile.

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