EFGC Hammer Blade for Flail Mower

Suitable for EFGC, EFGCH, AGF Flail Mower.

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Providing the best quality range of Hammer Cutter Blades EFGC suitable for EFGC, EFGCH, AGF Flail Mower.

Hammer Blade EFGC

Manufacturer: JCBL India Pvt Ltd

Country of origin: India


Flail hammer blade is the blade that assembled to the flail mower using a bolt & nut, which is a type of agricultural equipment, such equipment is used to deal with heavier grass or scrub which cannot be removed by normal lawn mower.


Flail hammer blades are attached to the rotating horizontal drum and the rows of blades are usually staggered to offer a complete cut.

Heat Treatment of Flail Mower Blades

Hardening & Tempering is the most cost effective heat treatment method to improve the hardness of flail mower blades. An ideal hardness range of  45-50 HRC can be achieved after heat treatment. Higher hardness will help to improve the wear resistance of flail mower blades, thus to longer the serving life.


The paint coating is black.

Weight0.800 Kgs
Drill Hole16.5 MM
Blade Width90 MM
Clamping Width40 MM
Radius100 MM
MaterialBoron Steel
ProcessDrop Forging
Quaity ProcessHardening and Tempering
FinishSelf or black painted

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Hole Size

16.5mm also available