676235 Claas Double Finger Guard

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Double finger for grain header Claas (Vario 5.4M, 6.0M, 6.6M, 7.5M, Solo10.5, Solo 5.4, Solo 6.6, Solo 7.5, Solo 9.0), combine Claas (Commandor, Dominator, Lexion, Medion, Mega, Tucano). Length – 178 mm. OEM #626295.1, #676235.2, #676235.3, #676235.4.

Double sickle guard 676235 Claas

Manufacturer: JCBL India Pvt Ltd

Country of origin: India


A spare part for the finger beam of the header of the Claas combine.


A spare part for the finger beam which provides cutting of the stalks of grain crops during translational motion of the knife.

This spare part is used for replacing worn out or damaged parts during repairs.


A forged steel component of complex solid shape in the form of a bident. At the base of the head 2 openings are made for attaching it to the finger beam.

In the teeth a slot is made, when the knife passes it, it cuts down the stems of the plants due to crossing of sharp edges.


The paint coating is black.

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