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Best Farm Tools and Equipment Used for Land Preparation!

In the realm of agriculture, the journey from seed to harvest begins with meticulous land preparation. From sun-kissed fields swaying with golden grain to vibrant orchards heavy with fruit, the heart of every bountiful harvest beats in the meticulous preparation of the land. It's a symphony of [...]
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Agricultural Machinery and Technology Used in Agriculture

Today, different types of modern agricultural machines and technologies are used in different farms. The different levels of crop production include primary and secondary tillage, sowing and planting, cultivation, fertilizer application and distribution, pest control, harvesting, irrigation, [...]
Super Seeder vs Happy Seeder

Super Seeder vs Happy Seeder: Which One is Better for Farmers?

The traditional method of paddy cultivation produces huge amounts of stubble which is either burnt by farmers causing pollution or incorporated back into the soil affecting the next crop yields. Both Super Seeder and Happy Seeder offer solutions to manage crop residue sustainably while improving farm efficiency and profitability. But which one of these seeders is truly better for farmers? Let’s compare the two technologies under key parameters: this blog delves into the heart of the Super Seeder vs. Happy Seeder duel, equipping you with the knowledge to conquer your toughest sowing decisions.

Finding the Right Seeder Warrior for Your Field